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WHO ARE WE? W   H   O      A   R   E      W   E   ?   

Gemvary was established in 2011 to specialize in developing and producing video intercom and video door phone. We focus on new generation IP based system by integrating cutting-edge technologies into it.

As the first company who applies Android into intercom system, Gemvary has been holding a leading position in this field during the past six years and keeps developing new models with attractive appearances.

With a R&D team of 50 experienced engineers, Gemvary adheres to innovation and independent development to meet customers’ requirements. Up to now, all related technologies have been accumulated and handled.

Gemvary has formed strategic partnerships with some prominent companies, like with Xiaomi in home automation field and with Huawei for its tablet.

Having obtained the approval of FCC,CE,ROHS, Gemvary is able to manufacture all products in own factory with strict quality control procedure.

Gemvary owns a 2300+ square meters factory, with SMT line, Assembly lines and aging rooms.

Staff 150 Annual Sales Growth 30% Factory 2300 sqm
REFERENCE CASES R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  C  A  S  E  S  
Project cases Typical cases
  • Beian Meilu, Fuoshan

    Beian Meilu, Fuoshan

  • Tianmao Manor, Changchun

    Tianmao Manor, Changchun

  • Zhongdi International, Dazhou

    Zhongdi International, Dazhou

  • Mingliu Image Ⅱ, Dongguan

    Mingliu Image Ⅱ, Dongguan

  • Huayi Century, Shenyang

    Huayi Century, Shenyang

  • Songde Internationl, Shenzhen

    Songde Internationl, Shenzhen

  • Xihai Home, Xining

    Xihai Home, Xining

  • Beixin Garden, Chifen

    Beixin Garden, Chifen

  • Mingliu Image Ⅲ, Shenzhen

    Mingliu Image Ⅲ, Shenzhen

  • Junzi Plaza, Shenzhen

    Junzi Plaza, Shenzhen

  • Hansen Shijia, Wenzhou

    Hansen Shijia, Wenzhou

  • Kangbo Aparment, Dezhou

    Kangbo Aparment, Dezhou

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