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Community AI face-to-face solution Network smart community O2O
Smart building intercom solution Intelligent building intercom solutions
Wired and wireless hybrid networking solution Solution of wired and wireless hybrid networking
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Indoor unit series
Indoor unit series Outdoor Stations
Outdoor unit series
Outdoor unit series Indoor Terminals
Management center machine
Management center machine Management Machina
Smart Home Products
Smart Home Products Home Automation Accessonies
management software
management software Management Softwares
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Shenzhen Junhe Ruitong Technology Co., Ltd. is the world's leading real estate intelligent expert. The company has three product series: community public intelligent system, indoor home intelligent system and intelligent operation software platform; the products have covered more than 40 cities and have served With 200,000 users around the world, it can provide comprehensive scientific and professional solutions for real estate developers to realize community value-added operations, and flexibly meet the differentiated needs of different real estate, property and engineering customers around the world. The company has nearly 50 industry-experienced R&D teams. The core team members are all from large and well-known enterprises such as Huawei and Tencent. They have industry-leading core R&D capabilities in hardware, software, Internet and IoT systems. At present, there are three major regional marketing centers in North China, East China and South China, 25 provincial-level marketing centers across the country, nearly 500 sales and service organizations at home and abroad, and service networks in more than 300 cities in China. It has reached strategic partnerships with many companies such as Huawei, Lumi (Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise), Jianlang, Tencent Smart, Agile, Wanrui, Beijing Capital Land, Optics Valley Research Institute, etc., and has RAB in the United States, ISM in the United Kingdom, Aypro in Turkey, etc. Overseas partners provide one-stop high-quality smart community services for global users.

Company employees 150 Sales are increasing 30% annually throughout the country key cities
Cooperation Case C   O   O   P   E   R   A   T   I   O   ; N     C   A   A   E   
Classic Case Engineering case
  • Jiading New Town (Shanghai)

    Jiading New Town (Shanghai)

  • Tianmao Manor (Changchun)

    Tianmao Manor (Changchun)

  • Lanxi Realm (Weifang)

    Lanxi Realm (Weifang)

  • Yuanda Plaza (Guangzhou)

    Yuanda Plaza (Guangzhou)

  • Shi Yuefu (Shenzhen)

    Shi Yuefu (Shenzhen)

  • Royal Garden (Qingyuan)

    Royal Garden (Qingyuan)

  • Jiayuguan Yulong Bay Villa

    Jiayuguan Yulong Bay Villa

  • HUALUXE Century City (Shenyang)

    HUALUXE Century City (Shenyang)

  • Love this city (Beijing)

    Love this city (Beijing)

  • North Shore Meilu (Foshan, Guangdong)

    North Shore Meilu (Foshan, Guangdong)

  • Kangbo Mansion (Dezhou, Shandong)

    Kangbo Mansion (Dezhou, Shandong)

  • Gentleman Plaza (Shenzhen, Guangdong)

    Gentleman Plaza (Shenzhen, Guangdong)

  • Zhuangji Hansen Family (Wenzhou, Zhejiang)

    Zhuangji Hansen Family (Wenzhou, Zhejiang)

  • Dehui·Xinhewan (Jiangyin)

    Dehui·Xinhewan (Jiangyin)

  • Celebrity Impressions Phase II and Phase III (Shenzhen, Guangdong)

    Celebrity Impressions Phase II and Phase III (Shenzhen, Guangdong)

  • Jinkekai City (Ordos Kangbashi)

    Jinkekai City (Ordos Kangbashi)

  • Guan Sheng Yuan (Luoyang)

    Guan Sheng Yuan (Luoyang)

  • Kanglong Wanhe Xincheng (Luliang, Yunnan)

    Kanglong Wanhe Xincheng (Luliang, Yunnan)

  • Central Mansion (Changchun)

    Central Mansion (Changchun)

  • Shengda Longting (Yueyang)

    Shengda Longting (Yueyang)

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