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Win-win cooperation and further progress | Jianlang Junhe has become an excellent supplier of Longfor Qianding of the year


Recently, Jianlang Junhe was awarded the "2021 Excellent Supplier" award by Beijing Qianding Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Longfor Group, referred to as "Qianding"). This award signifies Longfor Qianding's high recognition of Jianlang Junhe's product competitiveness, product quality and service, which means that the strategic partnership between Jianlang Junhe and Longfor Qianding will be upgraded to a new level.

Beijing Qianding Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. ("Qianding" for short) was established in March 2014. It is a technology company under Longfor Group. It is an intelligent manufacturing company focusing on providing intelligent upgrades for real estate development and property enterprises, and improving the quality of urban space with intelligent technology. and high-tech service enterprises, as a one-stop community intelligent service platform, it is now providing more than 80 community life services such as reporting, housekeeping, shopping, etc. to Longfor owners in many cities across the country through APP and WeChat platform. This means that Longfor is now not only a traditional real estate development and property service company, but also "Longfor-style happiness" through Qianding.

The fact that Jianlang Junhe can become the outstanding supplier of Longfor Qianding this time is the high recognition and praise of Longfor Qianding for Jianlang Junhe's brand and products, and it is the testimony of the happy cooperation between Longfor Qianding and Jian Long Junhe, and it is the testimony of Jian Long Junhe. A strength verification in the field of real estate intelligence. Longfor Qianding's ability to stand out from the supplier base largely depends on the customization capabilities of Jianlangjun and its R&D team, the advantages of intelligent product integration and production and delivery capabilities, which are highly favored by Longfor Qianding. The addition of Jianlang Junhe meets the requirements of Longfor Qianding business in building a comprehensive strategic system, brand system, supply chain system, and lean product system, strengthens the core capabilities of Longfor Qianding's intelligent sector supplier base, and enhances the firm's Langjun and brand influence in the field of smart real estate.

Jianlang Junhe is the world's leading intelligent expert. It has an advanced R&D team and a mature factory manufacturing system in the field of smart homes and smart communities. product. In the process of cooperating with many domestic and foreign partners, Junhe Ruitong and Jianlong have continuously matured and improved their product and service systems, and have a good market reputation. They have won the support and trust of the majority of partners, and their reputation is well known. Jian Lang Junhe hopes to become a strategic supplier of various industrial groups, and at the same time, further tap the cooperation potential, and hope that both parties will achieve common prosperity and win-win results in the process of cooperation.

Customer recognition is our driving force. In the future, Jian Lang Junhe is ready to go, and will cooperate with more real estate developers to empower more real estate, realize the continuous upgrading of real estate, and use a global and intelligent way of thinking to create more practical and feasible ways to create a high-quality smart life. plan.

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