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Smart Life | Jian Lang Junhe escorts the smart community of Tangquan Huafu!


Under the normalization of the epidemic, safe, intelligent and contactless travel has become the main way of life for people today. The smart community has ushered in its heyday. Jianlang Junhe keeps pace with the times, puts people first, develops smart community products with advanced technology, provides people with contactless travel solutions, and brings people a minimalist, safe, convenient and efficient living environment.

【Project effect】

For example, Jian Long Junhe recently signed a smart community cooperation agreement with Tangquan Huafu Project in Langfang City, Hebei Province. Jian Long Junhe will use community smart products to provide people with a more convenient and safe living environment.

【Project effect】

Community Smart Product Highlights

License plate recognition

The license plate number is quickly recognized, and there is no congestion for fast passage; unattended and cost-saving; scanning code payment is more convenient; under the epidemic, the contact between people is reduced and travel safety is improved.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance can effectively prevent illegal intrusion, ensure the purity and unity of the community population, and improve the security of the community during the epidemic.

Video intercom

Intelligent cloud video intercom, remote dialogue; hardware face recognition unlocking, no fear of strong light, weak light, yin and yang faces; also supports mobile phone APP, mobile phone Bluetooth, WeChat applet unlocking, bid farewell to the traditional cumbersome door opening process, reducing the number of people and Cross-contact between public equipment effectively prevents indirect cross-infection between people.

Electronic Patrol

Fixed-point punch-in, using the form of living fingerprints, avoids the patrol, and the staff on duty is more active and conscious. All staff patrol data can be queried, making management more refined and division of labor clearer.

Smart Community Integrated Management Platform

In addition to the unified management system and unified app application to realize the interconnection of IOT data between systems, the integrated management platform of the smart community can also support system functions such as property payment, work order management, and community e-commerce. Among them, the functions of online fee payment and work order management system can greatly improve the efficiency of property management, and lay a solid foundation for precision marketing and service revenue generation in the later stage.

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