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Kanglong Wanhe Xincheng (Luliang, Yunnan)

Wanhe Xincheng project is another high-end residential project in Luliang built by Yunnan Bowei Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. The company is committed to real estate development, operation and management, stone production, processing and sales, hotel development and operation, general construction contracting and other group enterprises. The company Strong financial strength. In Luliang, the Sancha River Zixi Pedestrian Street and the National Tax Community were developed, the most representative Kanglong Shengshi and Kanglong Xinzhou projects. Wanhe Xincheng is a high-end residential project developed by the group company in 2017. The company hired a well-known design team, innovative design ideas, changed the traditional design concept, and created the best residential real estate in Luliang.

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