PEST Analysis of Smart Community O2O Market

Policy Environment National and local governments have issued many encouraging policies. Premier Li Keqiang proposed to rely on "Internet +" to promote economic development. Beijing, Kunming, Urumqi and other places have started the pilot work of community e-commerce to promote community-friendly e-commerce. The "Opinions of the State Council on Vigorously Develop E-commerce and Accelerate the Cultivation of New Economic Power" supports the development of community e-commerce platforms.

Social Environment The Internet has penetrated the lives of residents. Online retail and group buying have been widely accepted by residents, and Internet education has been completed.
With the accelerated pace of work and life and the intensification of aging, the demand for community life services will continue to increase and expand in the future.
The transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry has liberated a large number of laborers, accumulating a large number of cheap service personnel for the O2O service industry.

Economic Environment The "lazy economy" effect under the influence of the Internet is prominent.
With the increase of residents' income, time cost has become one of the considerations.

Technical Environment The popularization of mobile smart terminals provides convenience for the development of community O2O.
Location-based LBS technology is mature and can quickly respond to user needs. Barcode technology is mature, which is conducive to the conversion of offline users.
The traditional e-commerce service technology is mature, providing technical accumulation for community O2O manufacturers to transform traditional service forms.

In the past, technology changed life, but now technology beautifies life, and will eventually achieve the beauty of life

Life is for enjoyment. A powerful platform makes life simple and easy. This is the further optimization and beautification of life. Technology makes life beautiful. It is as simple as that, and the future is at your doorstep.

The development and application of Internet technology are changing people's way of life. With the rapid development of the Internet, community O2O is gradually becoming the focus of the times

Junhe Ruitong Intelligent Community gives product terminals a new product value in the field of smart building intercom and smart home. It proposes community integration services based on advanced technologies such as building intercom systems, smart homes, Internet of Things networks, cloud computing, and 4G. Thought, to create a safe, reliable, efficient and comfortable smart community platform for residents. Junhe Ruitong Smart Community perfectly combines community security and community services to create a simple, efficient, value-added, and sales-assisting comprehensive ecological community platform for business districts near the community. By gathering various service resources, it allows owners to easily enjoy convenience , comfortable, efficient and safe smart life

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  • Real Estate

    The business strategy of the real estate industry has shifted from resource competition to technological competition
    Intelligent housing can add buying points to real estate, and the added value brought by high-tech products can improve the competitiveness of real estate Developers can send new real estate information to the indoor unit screen of mature community owners through the information push function, which can save the marketing and advertising costs of developers' new real estate and achieve good promotion effects.

    In the early stage of the real estate industry, competition for resources among developers to acquire land has become a decisive factor for the survival and development of real estate enterprises. Due to changes in industry policies and people's needs, this pattern has prompted the strategic adjustment of real estate companies, and the resource competition pattern of the real estate industry is gradually changing to a technological competition pattern. Real estate enterprises combine informatization, ecology, intelligence, culture and art, circular economy, etc., and ecology will be the most important dividend of the real estate industry

  • Property

    The transformation and upgrading of properties to operation management is crucial
    to save manpower and operation costs, and to provide diversified value-added services. The convenient shopping platform facilitates the choice of the owners, and the pushed information improves the management quality of the community and enhances the owner's satisfaction. The property itself can also use the platform to organize group buying, group grouping and other life services to achieve value-added.

    Property management is actually one of the main channels to bring brand benefits and profits to real estate companies. Property management can provide a systematic organization platform for the effective management and operation of property management companies of real estate enterprises. The core of the application and management of real estate to properties is to open up the core platform for all aspects of O2O operation in the community, such as sales, procurement, and human resources. It makes the overall operation of real estate enterprises and property companies a systematic process of organizational operation.

  • Merchant

    The transformation of merchants from offline marketing to precise online marketing
    For merchants, they can obtain more channels to promote their stores from the platform, and various advertising channels can attract more new customers to consume.

    In addition, the platform purchase customers can be counted, and the promotion effect can be tracked conveniently and visualized, which can realize precise marketing. In addition, merchants reduce the dependence of offline stores on prime locations and save operating costs.

  • Owner

    High-quality life brings a comfortable, safe and convenient life experience
    For owners, the Junhe Ruitong community ecological platform will provide community owners with comfortable and convenient living services, enabling easy access to surrounding businesses without leaving home Product and service information.

    Touch the indoor unit terminal to log in to the platform to achieve community platform shopping and home delivery. You can communicate with surrounding merchants for shopping or make reservations.

Innovative PDO concept Product, Developer, Online

Product Difference Through value proposition, value transmission, value creation and value acquisition, it is completely different from the high-end real estate launched by well-known real estate in the same area, reflecting the differentiated needs of customer value.

Service innovation Provide all-weather real estate information, future life, security services, and provide users with a full range of value-added services such as community shopping, reservation services, fresh food distribution, health care, etc., without leaving home, enjoy safer , a faster and happier house of wisdom.

Customer Experience Bringing immersive and beautiful life experience to customers by integrating smart communities and life scenarios into smart life service scenarios

Marketing Services Establish customer profiles in customer interaction, analyze customer behavior data, label and classify, and provide marketing intelligence and support quickly and accurately

The ultimate life experience The ultimate life experience
Cloud Smart Intercom Remote Monitoring Smart Home Environmental Monitoring Smart Aged Care Living Services
Five core technology Five core technology
01 Stable system technology Android4.0 new transformation
24 hours a day throughout the year
Hierarchical management, the system is more reliable
02 Good communication structure Fast and stable instant audio and video intercom
Wired and wireless automatic switching
Multi-network integration,
One call more, two more calls, more calls more,
03 Sustainable technical optimization Remote flashing, remote software upgrade, Easier system maintenance
Community-operated cloud computing services to create a win-win situation
04 Complete platform solution Based on app application framework design, it is more convenient to expand and integrate
Perfect compatibility with smart home systems
05 Cloud community, comfortable community life Using the Internet of Things technology to combine information such as housekeeping, medical care, shops, entertainment, life, etc., to realize the integration of mobile phones, tablets and terminal devices. wireless interconnection
Seven system function Seven system function

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